So today is officially the one year anniversary of the 500 Miles of Whovians project!

Featured on the official Doctor Who facebook page, the BBCAmerica facebook page, the Doctor Who tumblrAnglophenia, and CNet, this was a project that I took on with the help of Jade  in order to celebrate the 48th birthday of Doctor Who.

Thanks to tumblr fans from literally all over the world, I was sent video clips of people dancing along to the song 500 Miles by the Proclaimers in an effort to recreate this video (the original was deleted, sorry). If they could, I asked that they include their country’s flag so we could show how widespread the Doctor Who community is. I then logged something like 40 hours over the span of 2 weeks editing together the video clips into the video you see up there! You can see some of the process here and here.

This project was such a huge deal at the time and I really couldn’t have done it without the help of tumblr. So thank you to everyone who sent in clips a year ago because this stupid little tribute video honestly changed my life in ways that I never could’ve imagined. 

(Oh and thanks to the BBC for not suing me for using the vortex clip in the beginning. I owe you guys.)

Hey guys, remember when this happened?

Does anyone even track this tag anymore besides me?

Hey guys.

So, if you didn’t know, Chris Hardwick from the Nerdist podcast is sitting down to interview David Tennant tomorrow and I have a favor to ask of y’all.

Go here and tell David and Chris about the 500 Miles of Whovians video!

It’d mean a lot if they actually saw it and I know that DavidTennantinplacesheshouldntbe has basically whored themself out, so.

Get on it, guys!

This is the guy who first posted the original 500 Miles video with DT and crew and the Ballad of Russell and Julie.



Here, have some links.

Doctor Who and the TARDIS facebook page


BBCA facebook page

Doctor Who blog


This makes me so stupidly giddy.

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