{ O r p h a n   B l a c k }
k a t i e   m c g r a t h  e d i t i o n :

  • Harriet as Cosima
  • Kate as Sarah
  • Lucy as Helena
  • Jules as Beth
  • Jodi as Allison
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Whouffle AU: 19th century. A young doctor John Smith is madly in love with Mr. Oswald’s only daughter Clara, who hides her feelings towards Smith behind bossy attitude.

— Do you think I’m pretty, John?
— No. You’re too short and bossy, and your nose is all funny.
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Doctor Who AU: Nine and Donna, adventures through time and sass

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amy/rory au

rory stops by a bookstore on his way home after leaving a tarts and vicars party early; it’s there that he meets amy, a young journalist who got a book deal from a big story she broke. after flirting over coffees and drunken hookups, the two begin dating each other, going to parties, hanging out with each others’ friends, and having sleepovers (where amy makes breakfast for him au naturale). as their relationship progresses, the two have an argument about whether amy should move in with rory—he offers, but she doesn’t want to yet, not while she’s so young. this leads to their eventual decision to split up for the better—but it’s not. rory visits amy multiple times to apologize, but she doesn’t answer the door. (he says his apologies through the crack and heads home) he makes it home and hears a noise outside after twenty minutes—a noise that sounds like amy’s normal, clumsy screech. 

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Doctor Who/Merlin AU

My destiny was to save him.



AU - “I could ask you the same question, Doctor.”
The Doctor runs into Sally Sparrow on a trip to the roaring twenties.

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Merthur AU:

Merlin knows Arthur likes how his eyes flash gold when he does magic. At random times, he performs little tricks just to see his King smile.

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Clara Who?

 Clara, a hostess on the luxury resort at Midnight, missed her usual shuttle after meeting a man whom she convinced to take the tour. After some unsettling reports come in, Clara hopes that her words didn’t convince him to go.

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AU MEME | Ninth Doctor and Donna Noble travel together

What if the Ninth Doctor didn’t regenerate after the first series? What if he carried on? He had his adventures with Rose yet her fate couldn’t be changed. Then he ran into Donna for the first time and had to admit he was taken aback by such an odd creature. But in the end, they were meant to meet again and hence forth they were best mates traveling through space and time. 

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Merlin/Harry Potter AU

In which Merlin has to compete in the Triwizard Tournament.

Gwen: “Arthur would like me to tell you that Gwaine told him that Leon was told by Percival that Gaius’s looking for you.”