August 30th: A Secret Project for Nerdfighters

You’re bad at being a nerd[x]

"We are sitting in the tour van- we’ve been in the van for, like, eight hours and, basically apropos of nothing, Hank says…"

"You can also sense the need to go deeper, which is called Inception.

Sorry, I apologize. I apologize to my whole family for that.”

Did I mention that there was a surprise appearance by the Proclaimers at the Tour de Nerdfighting last night?

It’s Question Tuesday on Wednesday, the day that they ask real questions from real nerdfighters!

I am very excited for TFIOS.

"I don’t think you were playing the marimba. I think you were playing the murderimba.”

Sep. 12, 2009

John Green needs to record audiobooks.

I swear, I could listen to him read me the dictionary.