This might just be the best picture on the internet. 

Best part of Vidcon though was definitely the not-so-secret Secret Panel.

Here is a brief summary of what happened at the panel: 

flyingsuits asked: So from your pics and commentary, is it safe to assume that youtubers give really great hugs? ALSO CAN WE HEAR MORE ABOUT GIVING THOSE TARDIS'S TO CHARLIE AND LIAM?

I can’t say that all youtubers give amazing hugs, but everyone that I got a hug from was pretty good at it. 


So when we got to the signing table, I kind of just plunked the TARDISes down because they were a bit preoccupied and basically said “Hey I made these for you and I really hope you like them okay thanks”.

Liam was all “OMG PRETTY” but I didn’t get to see Charlie’s reaction because a) he was signing posters and b) Sofie had given him her gift which was way better than my TARDIS so he was focusing on that. But I think Charlie liked it.

And since I wrote little messages to them on the bottom, Liam read his and chuckled a little since it said “I hope this goes to a good home, wherever that may be!” since he’s moving house and he was like “it definitely will!” and he really seemed to like it. 

So yeah.

But we’ll see what happens when they next upload a video.

Kyle’s Top Five Hugs of Vidcon:

Story time #2

Sofie and I were waiting in line to meet Dan and Phil and when we were at the front of the line, the mod had to make an announcement.

So while the mod was talking, Phil just walked over and was like “Hey, I’m just going to stand beside you” and I was like “lol kay”.

The first thing I noticed was that he’s really tall.

And then I noticed that he smells really good.

But yeah, Phil gives the best hugs ever. 

More pictures!

This is the best picture on the internet. 

This building was redonk.