i wish more harry potter fic would focus on the fact the trio were teenagers in the 90’s think of what we could have

  • the muggleborn students bringing lisa frank notebooks to school to the bemusement of the other students only to start a sparkle rainbow unicorn phase
  • kids charming pokemon cards with the same magic used to make their photos move dont pretend you wouldnt want that
  • a desperate attempt from the teachers to put a stop to the pokemon card game (if one more duel breaks out over that goddamn shining charizard card) which fails because the students just end up charming them to keep the cards hidden
  • magical wizards taking advantage of the beanie baby craze and creating toys infused with magical properties - hippogriffs and doxy’s and a whole range of mini dragons that can breathe realistic fire. arthur weasley had to work three weeks straight to calm down the mess that started when muggle collectors somehow got hold of them
  • hermione bringing her portable cd player (and large bag of cds) to the burrow one evening to listen to some music while she does her work and having to explain to mr weasley it’s exact properties and function
  • harry finding an old tamagotchi in dudley’s old room and givng it to ron for a laugh. ron manages to kill it in five minutes
  • skip it vs quidditch arguments in the common rooms (what do you mean you just jump over it wheres the skill in that)
  • everyone knows the fresh prince of bel air theme tune, pureblood or not you know it
  • magically enchanted pogs (remember herpo the foul? he’s back, in pog form!)
  • denim on denim robes





Exactly how drunk were they?

This is fantastic!

It’s that time of year again!

Crying with laughter

Then with feels

Then with laughter again




behold jafar returns


it’s the 50th anniversary

it’s very dramatic

john hurt turns to the camera

and says

‘in a land of myth and a time of magic’

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“This woman spent a year building a 400,000 piece Lego replica of Hogwarts”

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i kept seeing cross-overs between these 2 movies and i wanted to join in on the fun :D

Merry Christmas happy Snoggletog everyone !!

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Opening Credits for the Rose Tyler/ Ten II spinoff: Bad Wolf


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