Hi guise, Doctor Who Tumblr here letting you know that we just hit HALF A MILLION TUMBLR FOLLOWERS.

We were thinking of how we could celebrate, so we looked back at all of our favorite moments in the history of the Tumblr. We re-read the posts from when we hit 25,000 followers and 100,000 followers and we tried to think of something new to say to celebrate half a million followers. But then we realized that those celebration posts say exactly the same things that we would say today.

This Tumblr is for you and these are your followers. Whether we’re talking to one Doctor Who fan or half a million, we’re all part of the same Doctor Who Tumblr. Here’s to all the adventures we have left to go on together!


friendly reminder that colin morgan is so frigging talented that he got the part of merlin after only having a few minutes preparation time.

I’m running to you and Rory before you… fade from me.

Two summers ago, Gabi and I decided to convert an old refrigerator box into a TARDIS. So we did.

Here’s me and Chris, the TARDIS, with my Tenth Doctor coat and Sonic, ready to explore the unknown.

So cheers, DWB, you guys are the best.


From sketch to finished!


You know what I want for the holidays?

For each of you to draw me a cloysterbell, whatever you think that means.

So far the winning design is Shayne’s


Anyone else have any ideas?

Never looking back at what we’ve done
We’ll say it was love
'Cause I would die for you