August 30th: A Secret Project for Nerdfighters

And don’t you dare think ‘But I majored in this, I won’t do that shit!’ Well I majored in chemistry, what did I do with it? I make videos for nerds, I’m an entrepreneur. I’ve taught myself 90% of what I’ve learned and that’s normal, it’s boring, it’s average, but it’s true. And for most of you hearing this, it’ll be true for you too. [x]

Yeah, the Deep Sea Anglerfish has no reason to be happy, but it has no freaking idea what else to be. 

You’re bad at being a nerd[x]

Charlie’s youtube midlife crisis in the morning!

"We are sitting in the tour van- we’ve been in the van for, like, eight hours and, basically apropos of nothing, Hank says…"

Did I mention that there was a surprise appearance by the Proclaimers at the Tour de Nerdfighting last night?

It’s Question Tuesday on Wednesday, the day that they ask real questions from real nerdfighters!

Oh my god, it’s Sarah Jessica Parker!

Tumblr Crushes:

Totally accurate. But Thomas, what do you think you are doing with 13%?