Let’s talk about Tintagel.


BBC Merlin Fest: Day 6
↳ Favourite quote: “Arthur is not just a king, he is the Once and Future King. Take heart, for when Albion’s need is greatest, Arthur will rise again.”


Made a little Merlin dragon based on the Camelot crest. 

He’s a little wonky because I made most of him at like, 4am last night, but hey.

If I can get off my ass, maybe I’ll make an Arthur one to go with him.

Finally finished making Excalibur.

I hadn’t realized how crooked the blade was until just now…



Made entirely out of chipboard and acrylic paint, some clay for the detailing.

I fixed it.

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I finished my TARDIS door!

Originally a plain white door painted with acrylic paints and the sign was done with Sharpie. 

Approx. 8 hours.

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Finally finished my TARDISes!

The striped one is for Liam Dryden and the blue one is for me.

I really hope Liam likes it!

They were both handmade entirely by me with my own design. 

Chipboard, glue, and acrylics. 

I finished my Doctor Who shoes!

The Gallifreyan on the side of the one shoe says “We’re all stories in the end” because that’s one of my favourite quotes from the show.

Also look at how badly I failed at painting those sonic screwdrivers. I may redo that side at a later point if I can stop being lazy.

~10 hours of work with acrylics and sharpie

Detail shots of the sides.