PETUNIA: You didn’t just lose a mother that night in Godric’s Hollow, you know. I lost a sister. [x]

 #Fuck everything I refuse to believe that Petunia Dursley was a bad person. She was bitter, yes, but she loves her sister okay? She LOVED Lily and it must have seemed like a betrayal to her that her sister left her for this school, this fantastic school that she wanted to go to so badly. And so she grew bitter. As she carried on with her mundane life, Lily’s life was magical. She was intelligent. She was so very talented. She fell in love and got married and everything was lovely but Petunia could never have her Lily back and she could never quite forgive the magic world for doing that. And the day she found Harry on her doorstep can you imagine how fucking painful that must have been I mean she’s been going on for years trying to ignore her sister and then all of a sudden she finds out that she’s DEAD. She’s dead and she’s been killed by the epitome is evil and all she has left is this little baby boy whose eyes are exactly the same startling shade of her sister’s and she both clings to him and also hates him for the reminder of her destroyed relationship with her sister every day and you know what haters to the left Petunia I am so fucking sorry for everything you’ve been through.

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Sarah Jane and her trusty companion, K-9

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Arthur is perfect.

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“It’s like a wind machine in my hair.”

from the Doctor Who Q&A at the Nerd Machine Conversations for a Cause


“hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home”

more like

hogwarts will always be there to rip your heart out

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Sokka- I’m just a guy with a boomerang.

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doctor who meme | four brotps [1/4]



Charlie’s youtube midlife crisis in the morning!


Fandom: Harry Potter

“‘Thanks,’ said Lavender, looking at the box doubtfully. ‘Is this a Muggle brand?’

‘Oh, for God’s sake,’ said Hermione. ‘They’re tampons. They’re made of cotton wool. They absorb blood. They obey the laws of physics. They don’t need to be fucking magical.’”